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K + (Channel Plus) is a pay-TV service based on a satellite television system owned by Vietnam Satellite Television Limited. K + satellite TV is broadcasting across Vietnam territory via satellite, capable of broadcasting HD and SD channels. K + satellite TV channels are diverse and rich in number of channels as well as type of channels.

K + currently offers a single channel package costing VND125,000 per month with 13 HD channels licensed under the full range of programming content such as sports, general entertainment, music, movies stories, news, children, science, …

  • KPM HD – Satellite channels K + PM (Strength): Launched on 01/08/2013, is the fourth channel of K +. Initially, K + PM online was the first channel to launch programs for men in Vietnam. However, in 2016 there were changes and K + PM became a 100% sports channel for K +. Broadcasting sports programs, European football, racing, volleyball, golf, tennis, sports magazines.
  • K + 1 satellite TV channels: Launched in March 2010 and the first K + channel. K + 1 is a general-purpose entertainment channel that broadcasts programs for families, reality TV shows, Vietnamese cinemas, and blockbuster movies and TV shows. The content on K + 1 has been changed and rearranged, which is to reduce the length of the sports program.
  • K + NS satellite channels: K + 1 is released for about 5 months, K + continues to release K + NS in August 2010. This is a broadcast channel similar to K + 1, but it does play some other programs that K + 1 does not play. This channel is for women, so there is less content on sports, more about fashion and family, and reality TV.
  • K + PC satellite channels (Style): Following K + 1 and K + NS, K + PC was released on January 22, 2011 and is K + . Initially, the channel broadcasts variety shows with many hit movies. By 2016, K + PC has changed and only broadcast sports programs, European football, volleyball, golf, tennis, racing, sports magazine.

Monopoly broadcast
K + is currently exclusively broadcasting some of the following sports and entertainment content:

– English Premier League EPL: Exclusive match early 18h30 (19h30) and match or Monday 21h (22h) Saturday and match 22h (23h) on Sunday, 2 midweek and special rounds to All season 2018-2019

Spanish League Cup La Liga: Exclusive to the 2017-2018 season

– ATP World Tour Series 2016-2018

– Some golf tournaments, racing, volleyball, boxing …

– Some Vietnamese films are screened by K + producers

K + has signed a partnership with RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network, a joint venture of two of the world’s best known entertainment media companies, RTL Group of Luxembourg and CBS Studios International of the United States. With this cooperation, the big and famous gameshow of countries like USA, UK, Australia, the world television series … have been and will continue to be the first and only broadcast in Vietnam. South on K + channels.